Mustache Blues

My buddy Miss T, or Jane as I’ve once called her, sent me this article that I read this morning from The New York Times (via perhaps?):

Miss T has a way of bringing a smile to my face despite my harshest resistance sometimes.

The article made my wheels spin. I wondered how long or even if I could accomplish the task at hand myself!  You see, I’m barely 5’1.  Short of (pun intended) committing my life to alterations, I am on a constant quest to find ways to make my clothes fit immediately after purchase.  Instead of wondering any longer, I turned on the bath, hopped in and soaked with my jeans on, just as the mustached man had suggested. Oops! I forgot to take off my underwear first (if I was even supposed to)!


After the bath, I ran downstairs in my drippy jeans and told The Hubs that I had to keep the jeans on until they dried to ensure the most proper fit. If he didn’t think I was crazy enough yet (which I’m certain he does), I asked him to make a bet with me on how long he thought they would take to dry. His guess: 1.5 hours. My bet: 3.5 hours. We’ll see…!


3 thoughts on “Mustache Blues

  1. At 6’2″ I have the other problem…pants too short too often. Would love to find the bath that let’s the pants get longer instead of the dryer that makes them shrink.

    • It turns out that we were both off on our estimations :). I stood in front of a space heater for an hour or so because I couldn’t sit down with wet pants on anything! Even with the help of the heater, it still took a little over 3.5 hours. I do have to say that my jeans now maintain their form to look like I’m still wearing them after I have taken them off. I don’t know if that is such a good thing.

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