Adventures in Babymaking Part 1

After having been married for 8 months or so, The Hubs and I have decided that it’s time to make the babies.  Now, I would like to consider myself a really laid-back and easy-going person, but others don’t always seem to agree.  It seems as though I have developed a reputation for myself as being a bit of a germaphobe, a worrier, impatient, specific, and irritable.  Hmmm…

So we planned a trip to Europe to launch our baby-making experience!  We had it all planned out, just as I like it.  We would spend a couple of days in Paris, a couple of days in Nice, then finish the trip off with a stay in Venice.


So, off we went!  Our first day there after checking in to our hotel (photo above from our rooftop terrace), we were greeted by a dear friend’s parents.  It was such a comfort to have traveled such a long way to meet such warm and welcoming friends.  They wined and dined us so overwhelmingly, and we even had the opportunity to spend the night at our friend’s childhood home, and to sleep in the very bedroom where she had slept growing up!

The next day, my friend’s parents treated us to a visit to château de Fontainebleau!

After visiting this amazing palace, we were to meet my famous cousin, Jasper.  The plan was that he would pick us up after our tour, and we would head back to his place.  My cousin doesn’t travel by car, really.




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