Little Star’s Fairy Party

I woke up Saturday morning excited to spend the day with Estelle. Here is one of my favorite pictures of her from when she was still a little baby (she found one of her Bapa’s i.e. grandpa’s old corn cob pipes – probably used at one point for a snowman) :

Estelle Pipe

Her mother U., one of my best friends, had plans to attend her future sister-in-law’s bridal shower, and I had volunteered to spend some time with Estelle while she was away.

All week I had been trying to come up with activities to keep Estelle and I entertained. I haven’t had the opportunity to have as much quality time with Estelle as I would like, so I wanted maximize our experience with a trip to the zoo, to have a picnic at the park, to visit a museum, to go for a hike, or just to have some kind of a plan where we could participate together in something a bit out of the ordinary, rather than watching a movie or staying at home.

Out of the blue, U. told me that she had remembered that Estelle had been looking forward to attending her friend’s Fairy Party, and asked if I would mind accompanying her. I was thrilled to accept because  I could only imagine that this was right up Estelle’s alley, and as I don’t yet have a daughter (nor a son, but Hubs and I are working on both), I also happen to enjoy all things whimsical and girly!

After I arrived at my friend’s house to swoop up Estelle to go to the Fairy Party, I helped her to become properly attired, in full-blown fairy gear. We had a couple of minor costume changes, with socks vs. no socks, which crown best matched her outfit, and hair accessories. She looked adorable!

When we left the house, we equipped my car with Estelle’s throne (car seat), then headed out. U. joined us to make sure that we were comfortable, and to make introductions to Estelle’s friend’s hostess.

The Fairy Party was in honor of Estelle’s friend, Violet’s 4th birthday. Boy, was this place decked out! Violet’s mother didn’t miss a beat in preparation for this party. The inside of their home was decorated with huge fairy castles, balloons, craft stations, crepe paper streamers, miniature tables with tea sets, sheer pastel waterfall-like materials draped over doorways to walk through, and star-shaped foods and snacks. The back yard was an entire fairy garden wonderland.

After making acquaintances, Estelle and I were invited to create a magic wand, a crown, and a fairy jingle bracelet as our first mini-projects. We had some snacks, and then a little later we sang “Happy Birthday” before the fairy-shaped cake and Neapolitan ice cream.

Next was the Fairy Scavenger Hunt in the garden! Items for us to find included:

  • 1 acorn
  • 1 mini pinecone
  • 1 mini wooden bowl
  • 1 little star
  • 2 stones
  • 1 fairy or other little creature
  • 1 seashell

We were provided with a tiny mason jar with a lid that clamped to house our fairy findings after collecting the items. This was such an imaginative way to preserve these objects, but it also became a souvenir for the experience.

Lastly, Estelle would prepare a miniature terracotta pot filled with potting soil, a magic bean, and moss.  After assembly, a watering can was filled to complete her new creation. This tiny mossy favor later became a spot for a fairy to have a snooze.


Estelle was polite and sweet, and she loved the company of all of the other fairies. Estelle’s mom, my buddy U. joined us when the party was wrapping up.

I was so appreciative to have received this gift of sharing this time with U.’s little star, Estelle. Before leaving, I asked Estelle if she would like to come over for a slumber party sometime this summer. She kindly accepted, and I can’t wait…!


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