Mochi Madness

I visited a spot in San Francisco on a whim one night with my buddy, Abby J.  It looked like this:

Minamoto Kitchoan sf_image

The place was called Minamoto Kitchoan.  It looked modern and clean, and it made me curious. When we stopped in, it was quiet and serene, not unlike a spa. There were all different kinds of treats like this:

Wagashi Seasonal

(Japanese Cherry)

and this…

Wagashi Mochi hakutoumochi

(Sweet White Peach)

and this…

Wagashi Mochi syocoramochi


and this:

Wagashi Seasonal 2

(I don’t know what kind this is.)

I really liked the mild sweetness of these little bites, and I was told that they were best enjoyed with green tea. I later looked it up to find out that they are called Wagashi .  Wikipedia goes on to explain that: “Many types of traditional wagashi and mochigashi (Japanese traditional sweets) are made with mochi. For example, daifuku is a soft round mochi stuffed with sweet filling, such as sweetened red bean paste (an) or white bean paste (shiro an). Ichigo daifuku is a version containing a whole strawberry inside.”

It may sound odd or gross, but I really enjoy the red bean paste ones and the green tea flavored ones. Mochi have a certain consistency that reminds me of a tapioca bead, and on the inside, the flavor is really predominant because the sweetness isn’t overpowering. It turns out that they are considered to be somewhat healthy (?). They’re soooo smooth and a little chewy, and apparently pretty difficult to make. I found a recipe here:

Basic Sweet Mochi Recipe

…which led me to the video below that changed my life:

Best Video Ever

As it turns out, you can wrap mochi around whatever flavor of ice cream that you want, but I stopped caring about anything else for just a moment when I saw that dog’s face. And his hat.

If you care at all about trying to make mochi at home after watching that video, you can buy mochiko here online . Or if you’d just like the finished product, as you saw in any of the pictures above, you can go straight to the website for Minamoto Kitchoan and click on any of the images.  I’m just gonna throw this out there though…they’re not cheap.


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