Summer Prep 101

Just before summer strikes, there is always the best selection of bathing suits. All sizes, all colors, all patterns, all shapes. As the hot weather sporadically approaches, inventory dwindles down, and I’m left with that I-should-have-bought-that-one remorse.  See, I always wait for the price to go down, or for some internet coupon or 30% off sale, or that maybe some other store will have it for $10 cheaper. Or maybe it is possible that I will love some other version so much more, and that I will be so thrilled that I held out, instead of buying that full-priced one.

Never happens.

Just like what happened with this top…

(sold out)

snail print french top

And these bottoms in my size…

(sold out)

snail print bikini cropped

And this top in my size (bought it a size too big)…

(sold out)

swim suit 50

And these bottoms in my size (bought them a size too big)…

(sold out)

bikini bottoms

It goes on and on.  So, instead of dwelling on all the things I “should have” bought or “should have” done, this summer I have decided not to hesitate after I have decided what I want.  This will require some preparation…


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