Donut Shop

What could be better than that warm sugary smell of freshly made donuts?

Donuts Half 1 Donuts Half 2

The brightly lit glass cases highlight the colors, variety of flavors, and textures of all of the different options from which to choose, making the selection process somewhat daunting. There are glazed ones, and sprinkles, and crullers, and powdered sugar dusted jelly-filled, and chocolate covered custard-filled, or old-fashioned, or coconut flaked, or cinnamon rolls, maple cream sticks, blueberry muffins, cheese, cherry, or apricot danishes…and the list goes on.

When I was a little gal, I would have slumber parties. The next morning, my pop would head out to the drive-thru down the street to bring back a dozen freshly made glazed donuts (still warm), plus a “mixed” (many types) dozen. This way, I could carefully select which kind I would like, then possibly have another.

These days, I have to pick a bit more carefully. I always order hot tea, Earl Grey, loaded up with milk and 2 packets of sugar. Next, I order one of two ways; either a maple cream stick and a cherry danish, or a cake donut with icing and sprinkles.

Donut Bag

If you’re up for it, I found a great recipe from Saveur magazine where you can even make your own!

Try it here: Strawberry-Buttermilk Fōnuts




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