Year 1 Part 1: Brunch

San Francisco

Husband and I visited a spot where he had taken me back when we were dating, in celebration of our first wedding anniversary. San Francisco! It’s not the same kind of a trip as a beach vacation, but our experience this particular time was one of my favorite yet. We stayed in the city, and as you can see in the picture above, the view from our room was breathtaking. This was all thanks to a very sweet friend, Elise who made our stay here possible. As the city was booked solid with Oracle attendees, Elise secured our reservation and even sent us up an amazing bottle of Cab with an assortment of cheeses, almonds, tapenade, preserves, and crackers while we settled in.


Decorated metal plates (see pic above) adorned every tree, lining the sidewalk to the restaurant, Bar Tartine in The Mission, which was our first stop for Brunch.

At Bar Tartine, we began with Mixed brine dill pickles, Giardiniera, and Garlic Mushrooms. Next, we had Smoked potatoes with ramp mayonnaise. We then shared the Potato pancake with corned beef, fried eggs, and horseradish cream, plus the Pork loin with mushroom and fried onion SMØRREBRØD. We washed everything down with Candied beet mimosas. Amazing.

While in The Mission, we walked around into and out of different boutiques, then landed at Public. I have been obsessing over these bikes for a while now. I want this one (add a bell, please) :

Public Bikes

Stay tuned for Year 1 Part 2: Dinner…